My Story

Finding my path through entrepreneurship & real estate.

My Heart

  • I’m a Entrepreneur to the soul
  • A dreamer and procrastinator but a do-er
  • An old soul with wisdom and best connections with my elders
  • A lover of real estate and ‘home’ and painfully adapting to fast paced technology

My Mission

  • Providing exception mortgage advice & brokering solutions
  • Increasing Real Estate IQ and Financial Literacy
  • Providing real estate enthusiasts with investing opportunities
  • Teaching Canadians how to leverage real estate for profits
the process

I’m Ashley

I started my real estate journey by accident. When I was 21, my boyfriend at the time and I decided to invest in our future and buy a pre-sale condo in Kitsilano, Vancouver. Our rationale was that while we weren’t ready to own a property together yet, it was a baby step in that direction. And if our relationship didn’t work out, we could assign the contract or sell it on completion and cut ties.

Well, we didn’t work out and since I put the down payment down, I ended up with it and ended up making $50,000! That was the start of realizing that I could leverage real estate (or the contract it’s written on) far better and faster than I could work for it.

To be continued… Coming soon.

Mortgage Broker

Real Estate Investor

Mom & Wife